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New Members Appointed to Council

Oct. 13, 2022

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) and its Council are pleased to announce the appointment of two new registrant members to Council: Jennifer Eyford and Graham Newton. Councillors Eyford and Newton have each been appointed for a three-year term, from Oct. 1, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2025.

The CRNA is known for its innovation and the process used to select our Councillors this year is no exception.

In March of this year, Council voted to move to a competency-based selection and appointment process, with no election component, for filling registrant member vacancies on Council. Council subsequently approved bylaw and governance policy amendments, effective May 26, 2022, which brought the process into effect immediately.

The competency-based selection and appointment process is rigorous, fair and objective, allowing for registrants to apply for a position on Council, similar to applying for a job. This process enhances skills and diversity on Council and enables nimble and flexible leadership, positioning Council and the CRNA to adapt to changing health system needs.

The CRNA has heard from other regulators, nursing and non-nursing alike, who have expressed keen interest in learning more about our new process.

The new competency-based selection and appointment process was launched on June 27, 2022. The launch included a call for submissions of Expression of Interest applications to all registrants through a variety of means including the monthly email, College Connect and the CRNA’s social media channels and website.

Applicants were screened to ensure they were Alberta residents and registered in good standing with the CRNA. Each application was then reviewed against the Council Competencies and Attributes Profile. Through this process, applicants were shortlisted for interview. The interview panel was composed of three members: two members of Council (one public member and one registrant member) and a representative from an external firm specializing in governance. Recommendations for appointment were then proposed by Council’s Nominating Committee and subsequently reviewed and approved by Council.

We welcome Councillors Eyford and Newton to the CRNA!

New Public Representative Member Appointed to Council

The Government of Alberta has appointed a new public representative member to Council, Bonnie Sansregret. Councillor Sansregret has been appointed for a three-year term to expire on Sept. 26, 2025.

We welcome Councillor Sansregret to the CRNA!

You can find more information about each of our new Councillors on the Council page.