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Submit a Complaint

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) manages complaints about its registrants. 

Often the quickest way to resolve an issue is to discuss the concern directly with the registrant, their supervisor, other health-care providers or the patients relations department at the facility. 

If you are unsure or want guidance regarding submission of a complaint, please call us at 780.451.0043 or 1.800.252.9392 and ask for the conduct department or contact us by email. There are two options to submit a complaint. 

Note: If multiple registrants were involved, submit separate complaints for each, identifying the role of each individual as it relates to your complaint. Each complaint will be addressed separately. 

Complete a Complaint Form 

If there is insufficient space to list all incidents or to provide requested information, send in the information in an attachment. 

You may request the help of an interpreter or translator to submit your complaint if needed.  

Sign and date the printed form. 

Send the completed form and any attachments to the CRNA by email, mail or fax.

Download Complaint Form

Write a complaint letter that includes a brief description of the registrant’s behaviour that you believe constitutes unprofessional conduct. Address the letter and mail to the CRNA address. 

Information Needed for a Complaint

To file a complaint with the CRNA, you need the following:

  • Your name and contact information. The CRNA will share your name and a copy of the letter of complaint with the registrant whom the complaint is regarding. This will not include your contact information.
  • A signature (physical or electronic) from one person, who will be considered the only complainant. If others are involved, they can become witnesses if there is an investigation. The complainant should be the person directly involved, when possible.
  • The first and last name of the registrant. The CRNA is not able to find this name for you. If you aren't sure, you can:
    • Ask the registrant directly.
    • Contact the health facility where the registrant works.
    • Check your health record. This should include signatures and professional designations (what sort of registrant they are) for those providing care.

Contact the Registrar if you are unable to find the registrant’s name using the steps above. 

  • A short list or description of your concerns about the registrant’s actions. Examples include:
    • Concerns with appropriate nursing care
    • Neglect/abuse (verbal, physical, emotional, sexual)
    • Error in giving medication
    • Patient safety
    • Breach of privacy/confidentiality
    • Theft/fraud/deceit
    • Conflict of interest
    • Use of rude, unprofessional language
    • Inappropriate relationship

Employer Responsibilities

Nursing employers play an important role in nursing regulation to serve and protect the public’s right to safe and ethical nursing care. This includes confirming a nurse’s ability to practice and reporting on issues of unprofessional conduct. 

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), employers are legally obligated to report any discipline to the CRNA at the time they engage in discipline that involve issues they believe to be unprofessional conduct. This will be treated as a complaint. 

The complaint will be reviewed as per the CRNA’s complaint management process

Complaint Form for Employers

To Submit a Virtual Care Complaint

If you are making a complaint about virtual care services based on care you received in Alberta, please use the form above. If you have a complaint regarding virtual care services received in another province, please contact the appropriate regulator in that province.  

Complaints Against other Health Professionals

The CRNA manages complaints about its registrants—registered nurses and nurse practitioners. To determine if an individual is registered with and regulated by the CRNA, you can verify their status online at any time through the “Check a Registrant’s Permit” tool. 

  • If you have a complaint about a licensed practical nurse (LPN), a registered psychiatric nurse (RPN), a physician or other health-care professional, contact the college that regulates that profession. 
  • If you have a complaint about a facility, contact that facility’s administration office. 
  • If you want to report patient abuse involving any health-care provider, contact Protection for Persons in Care. If the abuse complaint is about a registrant, you may also submit it to the CRNA. 

Information provided on this page is provided to outline the complaints process and is not intended to replace legal advice.

Send the completed form and any attachments to the CRNA by email, mail or fax: 

By Mail

Attention: Complaints Director 
College of Registered Nurses of Alberta 
11120 178 St NW 
Edmonton, AB T5S 1P2 

By Confidential Fax


By Email