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If the complaint is referred to a hearing, the registrant, the complainant and any witnesses required to testify will receive a Notice to Attend (usually by registered mail) at least 30 days before the hearing. It states the allegations of unprofessional conduct, as well as the date, time and location of the hearing. This information will also be posted on the CRNA website

Hearings are open to the public; however, the hearing tribunal may order that all, or part, of the hearing be held in private. An application to close the hearing may be made by conduct counsel, the registrant’s representative, or the hearing tribunal itself. 

There are three types of hearings: 

  • Consent hearing – the registrant agrees to the facts, unprofessional conduct and sanction. 
  • Partial consent hearing – the registrant agrees on some, but not all, of the facts, unprofessional conduct and sanction. 
  • Contested hearing – the registrant does not admit to the facts, unprofessional conduct and sanction. 

While there may have been several issues investigated, only the allegations listed in the Notice to Attend will be addressed at the hearing. 

The hearing tribunal will consider the evidence presented by both the registrant and conduct counsel (on behalf of the complaints director). The hearing tribunal determines whether the behaviours in the allegations have been proven and whether those behaviours amount to unprofessional conduct as defined in Health Professions Act

Following the hearing, both the complainant and the registrant will receive a copy of the decision. 

Information provided on this page is provided to outline the complaints process and is not intended to replace legal advice.