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Bylaw 3: Committees

3.1. Committees

3.1.1. Council may establish such committees as it considers necessary in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

3.1.2. Council will approve governance policies for all committees.

3.1.3. Council will establish criteria for membership on all committees.

3.1.4. Council will set out a process for the appointment and removal of members of committees.

3.1.5. Regulatory committees will, each year, prepare and submit to Council, via the Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, a report on their activities for the preceding twelve (12) months.

3.1.6. All Committees will prepare and submit reports to Council as defined in the approved governance policies.

3.2. Duties and Powers of Council

3.2.1. Council establishes the following Regulatory Committees:

a) Registration Committee
b) Registration Review Committee
c) Competence Committee
d) Appeals Committee
e) Complaint Review Committee
f) Hearing Tribunal

3.2.2. Council establishes the following Governance Committees:

a) Nominating Committee
b) Leadership Review and Governance Committee
c) Finance Audit Committee

3.2.3. Council establishes the following Standing Committees Reporting to Council:

a) Pension Compliance Committee

3.3. Council Member Attendance at Meetings of Governance Committees and Standing Committees Reporting to Council

A member of Council who is not appointed as member of a committee established under articles 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 above may only attend a meeting of the committee at the invitation of the chair for the purpose of providing input or advice about a scheduled business item. 

3.4. Committee Costs and Expenses

The College will reimburse travel expenses and such other costs and expenses for all members of committees and boards under the Act, the Regulations and Bylaws in accordance with policies made by Council.

3.5. Ex-Officio Committee Members

Individuals sitting as ex-officio members of committees will not vote.

3.6. Committee Member Conflict of Interest

3.6.1. Members of College Committees are subject to the College Conflict of Interest Policy.
All members of Committees must: refrain from attempting to exert influence in connection with issues for which they are in conflict or potential conflict of interest, and abstain from participating in any hearings, discussions or voting on such issues pending resolution of the conflict or potential conflict as prescribed in the Conflict of Interest Policy.