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Bylaw 1: Definitions

1.1. In these Bylaws:

a. "Act" means the “Health Professions Act” (H-7 as amended);

b. "College" means the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta;

c. “Chair” means the President of Council as appointed by Council referenced in Section 7 of the Act;

d. “Chief Executive Officer and Registrar” means the Chief Executive Officer of the college and the Registrar as established under Section 8 of the Act;

e. "Practice Year" means the period of time from October 1 to the following September 30;

f. "NEPAC" means Council;

g. "Council" means the Council of the College, established under Section 5 of the Act;

h. "Regulations" means the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation made under Section 131 of the Act;

i. "Health Authority Board" means the governing body of a health authority under Alberta's Regional Health Authorities Act (R-10 as amended);

j. “Registrant” means a regulated member who is registered on the regulated members register referred to in section 2 of the Regulations.

Terms that are defined in the Act and the Regulations have the same meaning in these bylaws.